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DynaComm Product Family

The DynaComm Connectivity SeriesĀ® provides organizations with industrial-strength solutions for a wide variety of connectivity needs.

Extensive terminal emulation types, combined with FTP support, printing capability, and centralized deployment and management tools provide the maximum return on investment for server or mainframe-based systems. Deliver green-screen applications to Windows PCs, thin clients, or through the Web, for IBM, HP, Unisys or Unix servers.



DynaComm Connectivity Series 10 (DCS 10)

DCS 10 provides a scalable, flexible and comprehensive terminal emulation solution for PC- and web-to-host connectivity. DCS 10 supports a wide variety of standard and add-on emulations, file transfers and connectors.

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DynaComm UTS and Web-UTS

Provides 32-bit emulation solution for Unisys Series 1100/2200 and System 80 mainframe connectivity.

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