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DCS Connectivity Series, Terminal Emulation
Terminal Emulation for Unix and Mainframes
Deliver green-screen applications to Windows PCs, thin clients, or through the Web, for IBM, HP, Unisys, Wyse, Tandem, DEC, AT&T, or Unix.       


Bible Application, ios, android, nook, kindle
The Word of Promise App
The Word of Promise Audio Bible is a scripted dramatization of the trusted New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible presented in a compelling, dramatic audio theater format.
MultiView Terminal Emulator and Server Edition
Unix Connectivity Solutions
Create a seamless connection between your PCs and UNIX applications with Multiview 7. Take advantage of Multiview 7 Server edition in terminal server and Citrix environments.
catholic Bible Application, ios, android, nook, kindle
Truth and Life Dramatized Audio Bible App
Check out our latest app as we bring the Catholic Bible experience to you in a whole new way. Made for Android, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

DynaComm i:filter, internet filtering software
Manage, Monitor, and Secure Employee Internet Access
Radio Drama App, Dramatized audio, Twilight Zone
The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas App
Travel into the famous Twilight Zone again with The Twilight Zone Radio Drama App. With 170 new radio dramatizations and over 100 hours of dramas based on The Twilight Zone you can relive and go into the Zone.

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